Life experiences in the modern society have changed quite significantly. When society evolves so does the language. In todays’ world, one constantly must keep abreast with the constant evolution of the urban dictionary and dialect, especially in a “woke” world, where one always has to be politically correct.

I’ve never liked Women’s Month. It either makes me think that women somehow don’t exist for the remainder of the year or that women need special consideration or handicap to be worthy of a dedicated month. Of course, 

if we reflect on the history of South African Women’s Month, that’s exactly the point.

When one says “I am queer” people never really understand that term and what it really means.  The word queer, for me, goes far beyond conforming to society’s expectations towards gender and sexuality (It’s 2008

and I start questioning why the other children are making fun of Mary , growing up in a small village made think that you are the gender that you are born as and that automatically decides  your sexuality – Mary didn’t conform, This is my introduction to fluidity).

Being queer means also being a part of a society and belonging to a community (Its 2012 and I start taking interest in the NO H8 campaign, – my mother is about to have a heart attack – This was my introduction to belonging). Queer refers to a world beyond heterosexuality (2013 and Theatre

school exposes me to the greatest of friends till date and I am taking Gay, trans, lesbian. The list goes on! – This is my introduction to identity, fashion, art and culture but most importantly humanity beyond the cloak  – This is my introduction to rationality).

The word “Queer” is an umbrella and can mean different things to different people. Some refuse to embrace it and in a heteronormative society that has put a certain stigma or stereotype to the word

Many people have chosen to identify themselves as whatever makes them comfortable at that Some people have chosen to live out the identity of their indoctrinations and never come out? Nevertheless, one is always allowed to evolve beyond who they are, especially when presented with new information. This allows the human race to grow beyond the labels they have conformed to and thus bringing unity between people who were previously divided by Binaries; Patriarchy and monarchy, rich and poor, gay and straight and black and white. This is a brief introduction to my column – which will discuss amongst other things all things LGBTQI + and other aspects of gender socialisation further opening up a platform for engagements. 

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I will be interviewing close friends in our community; musicians, writers, researchers, academics and the broader society. It’s about time that we begin to challenge the various norms and expectations. Gone are those days when one is governed by propaganda and false information. This platform is meant to educate and entertain those interested in self-actualisation and helping societies to understand modern complexities. Allow yourself to learn something new or unlearn and depot yourself from who you used to be to who you want to become.  This column aims to give the general public a platform to engage and have robust discussions, providing them with an opportunity to decide what they want to believe, share their truth and shed some light.


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