Diani Nel is a wife to a supportive husband and a mother to three beautiful children, 1 girl and two boys which she describes as being unique. Diani is a business owner and holds various titles of pageantry such as Mrs. Personality 2013, Mrs. Cape town 2014, and Mrs.

Mzanzi Africa 2017, furthermore, she is also the face and ambassador of GGH beauty  Essentially You. She is currently holding the title of Mrs. African United Continent Finalist.  Diani appeared on the front page the following week after the official crowning of her Mrs.  Cape Town 2014 title, and after also being awarded the Public Choice and Debutant Award.  She was honored to have made it to the front page and a few days later she received a  phone call from the ‘Tyger Burger’ which came as a huge surprise to her. Upon the  receiving of the phone call, she was invited over for coffee and to her surprise, they  informed her that one lady had written to the newspaper and stated:  

“You think it’s a joke that an overweight person won a beauty competition”  Diani was surprised to be described as ‘overweight’ as she did not perceive herself that  way. Diani sates that it was not just a beauty competition, but a pageant which was a  working title to help the underprivileged and to uplift not only the community but other  women. Diani felt saddened and humiliated, her character was crushed, and this made her  feel as an unworthy titleholder- the fact that the whole world read and saw the article  affected and tainted Diani.  

“After the interview, I was emotionally famished and it took me a few days to recover from  what was said about me in the article and that’s when I decided there; I am Mrs. Cape Town  2014 and I am going to finish what I started”  

A Week later Diani received another phone call from the News Paper, and they informed  her that they attained bags full of supporting letters stating that she should keep up the  good work. They did not appreciate the comment that was made about her and weeks later  she even received support from Saudi Arabia.  

“I decided to get up and go out there and show them that their support means that I will  succeed in whatever I put my mind into. This just made me stronger knowing that there is  something inside me greater than any obstacle”  

Diani says that her experience tormented her in that she could not go out and be the best  version of yourself. She further stressed out that women, including her, are sometimes too  hard on themselves and it is not a healthy thing. To date, Diani is a motivational speaker  who speaks life through other individuals and persuades them to be better versions of  themselves.  

“You are a woman of God. We are His greatest creation, if you believe in yourself you are a  winner, no matter what you decide to do in life. Forgive others, as they deserve forgiveness  and you deserve inner peace. Just believe that every day is a good day, but YOU must  choose to see it” 

Women empowerment to Diani entails that all women need to know how special they are.  She believes that uplifting and Empowering other women gives her the power to change the  way they think about themselves. Diani has her own business called ‘Double Vision Dress  Hire’. She had to put that dream aside for now because of all her other commitments and  responsibilities. Diani had a lifelong friend of 20years who died 2years ago, her friend had a 

business called Double Vision. To honour her lifelong friend, she decided to keep that  legacy and started her own business called ‘Double Vision Dress Hire’ in her honour.  In 2013 Mrs. Diani won Mrs. Personality, she also won Mrs. Cape Town 2014, Mrs. Mzansi  Africa 2017. She was also featured in ‘Keur magazine Digital’ for the celebration of  Women’s Month. She is also the Ambassador for GGH Beauty Essentially You as well as  the Face of GGH Beauty Essentially You.  

Diani says that she wants to focus on the ‘Brand GGH Beauty Essentially You’ and  expanding it all over South Africa and make a success of the venture at hand.  Mrs. African United Continent Finalist wants to leave behind the legacy of erudition. She  wants to be remembered as a person who encouraged individuals to Pursue their Passion  and share their Blessings with Others, but most importantly, she wants to leave behind the  legacy of Support and Love.  

Facebook: Diane Nel  

Instagram: diane_nel07  

Business website: Diane Nel-Mrs African United Continent Finalist  

Name of the Photographer and other credits  

Photographer: Coreen Kuhn Photography / Kim van Zyl  

Makeup: Beauty by Tane  

Nails: Nadz Hope Nails  

Lashes: Glamorously Lashes ‘n Brows

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