June Joy Leng is a 40-year-old woman who is a founder of ‘SHE NETWORK’ and a women  empowerment advocate who specialize in aiding individuals attain strength-based identities



June Joy Leng is a 40-year-old woman who is a founder of ‘SHE NETWORK’ and a women  empowerment advocate who specialize in aiding individuals attain strength-based identities

through optimistic psychology and hypnotherapy from Singapore. Joy is happily married,  and she enjoys doing activities such as dancing, reading, and outdoor activities such as  travelling, being out in nature, and most importantly, empowering women. The founder of  ‘She network’ believes in her optimistic view that “Being beautiful and strong is a birthright “  At a very young age, Joy Was given up for adoption by her mother and had to be let go as  the elder child when her mother remarried. Joy vents out that her traumatic experience of  being given up for adoption was a big transition for her and it made her wonder what had  transpired among the adults for the things to turn out that way. The optimistic psychological  thinker reckons being left in the dark about the situation at home to a point that she stopped 

interacting with people. Joy could not grasp the reason as to why her mother would want to  give her up and this made her think that she is unworthy and unwanted, she carried that  single story with her until she was 30.  

“It became my identity. I withdrew from the world, lived a life of quiet desperation,  and attempted suicide once as a young girl. Everything I did in life subsequently was  motivated or triggered by this belief”  

And as Heart-breaking as Joy’s traumatic childhood experience was, it instilled her with a  potent seed of destiny and a burning desire to empower individuals to see their purpose and  to also take full responsibility for their own healing regardless of who it was that inflicted  pain and calamity on them. Joy chose to live with the calamity for 30 years because she  holds her positive belief that pain is inevitable in life and suffering is a choice. Living with  pain for 3 decades made this optimistic soul to be humbly blessed to help people to avoid  the pain that she went through, Joy is a real Blessing who took the pain that erupted in her  childhood trauma and turned it to a life lesson that taught her to prepare for the role she  was destined to play in the society and the legacy she will leave behind, she is grateful for  what she experienced In life because it built her to be a much stronger and wary individual.  Growing up in such psychologically detrimental circumstances made Joy come to the  realization of the 

power of single stories and that people consciously ‘SMASH’ the single stories to break free  from self-imposed chains and rise to be who they were meant to be.  

‘That childhood experience was a seed that has blossomed for me to be who I am today,  the best SHE that I can be’.  

Joy advises individuals, in general, to be very gentle with themselves when there are  challenges, however, they should also know the power of their inner self. According to joy,  tribulations and trials will always be part of life, people should just trust God and the process  because he is the saviour. The 40-year-old is currently writing a book called ‘The SHE  Pathway’ which is a companion playbook to her autobiography, FROM ZERO TO SHAKTI.  The book highlights the six pillars of self-healing and empowerment based on her personal  life experiences, research, and techniques from optimistic psychology and hypnotherapy.  The six pillars covered in the book are; surrender, strengths, hope, help, elevate, execute, it  is, by all means, to surrender single/ Limiting stories, raising strengths, creating hope  pathways, help-seeking, sprit enhancing, and executing personal healing and  empowerment commitment.  

“If you can mindfully and consciously do that, you are well on the path to being the  strongest SHE”  

When asked what women empowerment entails to her, Joy disclosed that women  empowerment means achieving gender equality, empowering women, and nurturing the  world’s greatest unexploited resources, to her, it is all about balancing the world with  women’s natural superpowers.  

“As a strength coach, I can tell you that research has shown that women have  strengths of self-esteem building, gratitude, organizing, and relation building.  Imagine a world where more of these qualities are allowed to shine”.  Joy says that women have the weakness of courage, ‘SHE’ does not overcome ‘HER’ fears.  Our life coach believes that women can feel the will to shine and be empowered when they  are supported and provided with a nurturing environment and the right resources. “We are  guardians of the earth so let us make the world a better place for our kids because  we can, Women empowerment is US, HE for SHE and SHE for HE. It’s we, our dream” 

Joy spent her whole life learning anything and everything she could lay her hands on and  ventured into life coaching, psychotherapy, energy healing, positive psychology, and  neuroscience to name a few. She utilizes the tools to support people in powerful and  practical ways and that is when she started JOYLIGHT when she finished her BA in  psychology and attaining her certificate in NLP and Life coaching. To date, Joy is backed  with a graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology, a postgraduate Diploma in Positive  Organizational psychology and RTT hypnotherapy training with Marisa Peer conducting  thesis more on her favourite topics such as strengths development, resilience, growth,  mindset, emotional intelligence, and hypnotherapy. Our life coach has established the SHE  Pathway based on research and technique from positive psychology and psychotherapy to  support SHEs in SMASH!NG their single/ limiting stories and anchoring in ‘strengths-based  identity’. In 2005, Joy established one of the first pole dancing studio in Singapore together  with her friend, SensUal called ‘SensUal Joy Studio’.  

For approximately 7 years the establishment was a safe sanctuary for SHEs to come and  let their hair down, have fun, celebrate sisterhood, and their magnificent bodies. Joy was  also among the first in Asia to be certified by Heather Ash Amara as a warrior Goddess  facilitator, and among the first in Asia to be a certified RTT therapist trainer by Marisa Peer,  furthermore, she was also among the first in Singapore to be a SHE dance teacher trained  by Areeradh K Thi-Siddha. Joy has commenced with the FOR OUR CHILDREN(FOC)  organization with her two SHEs to support education in third world countries by raising  funds to build schools and address the needs of underprivileged students in rural areas.  She took her postgraduate and graduate diplomas in positive psychology simultaneously  and completed them at the same time.  

“My goal has always been simple, three words. Last breath satisfaction. To know that  I left the world a better place because I have once walked on it”.  

Our very own SHE queen is looking forward to finishing two of her books, The SHE  PATHWAY, AND SMASH!NG ‘IM NOT ENOUGH’ STORIES, she is also looking forward to  getting started on the ‘Shakti on Fire Vision’ and empower one million women to do three  million good deeds, and she is also looking forward on working on building the SHE network  community to grow stronger and to start securing a worldwide outreach with the first country  outside of Singapore and Malaysia. 

Joy urges to leave behind the legacy of love, strength, support, and healing to the world and  she will achieve this through sending out love daily by activating her strengths in providing  support for people’s healing and empowerment through her coaching and therapy training,  programs, books, Ted-talks, and outreach initiatives.  “Legacy is walking the talk, doing the very best you can, and knowing that every day  is a brand-new chance to make a greater difference, Be the light. Shine your light”


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