By Tintswalo

We often wonder when we see Politicians on television or we see Academics on social platforms or at Universities, how they got there. Moreover, we get even more astonished when those politicians and academics are female, as one can never comprehend the amount of resilience, adversity, consistency and commitment it took for them to get there, considering the multitude of responsibilities that they are confronted with daily. As someone, who understands the trials of being in academia and the political sphere, it is formidable to imagine how strong these women are. This column will look at the journeys of these women, the challenges they face in their complex environments and the issues surrounding the inadequate representation of females in those spaces. Each column will be taking a journey into one’s professional life, why and how they decided on their career path, the various dynamics surrounding the career fields, the highs and lows of being a women in such professional spheres. I cannot wait for this exploration excursion, for us, to engage, to learn and to grow together. Yours in Academia & Politics

Tintswalo Ngwenya

By FYLTeam

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