By Naomi M

Stop Hiding and start healing

We have become spectators in our life’s due to the fear of being hurt again, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown. The truth is, you cannot spend the rest of your life running away from the reality of life and trying to protect yourself from being hurt. It is normal to go through phases in your life, but that does not mean you need to be trapped in one place for the rest of your life. Do not allow circumstances to paralyze you and make you believe that you can never survive the storm or trials that you are facing.

It is said “you cannot heal from the same environment that broke you’, and one person asked, what if then the same environment is the only place I have. Well, there are certain things that we can change and there are certain things that we cannot change. E.G When COVIID—19 hit the whole world no once could escape it nor run away from the fact that it is here, and it is killing people. Therefore, because we could not change the environment, we had to change our mindset, our behaviour, the way we did things and adopted to the new normal. The same approach should be applied to our living conditions, our circumstances, and struggles. Because you are unable to move from the environment that is breaking you, what remedies or measures are you putting in place to ensure that, even though the place is not working in your favour, you are doing you best not to be consumed by your current circumstances, while you are in pursuit of your new environment?

By FYLTeam

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