Candice Niemand is a 34 year- old woman who has a great passion for kids and photography. The owner of MOOISTE MOOI believes in capturing moments as they occur and her persona is natural and vibrant, she is all about capturing new memories and dwelling on memories of family ties.
Candice experienced childhood trauma at the age of 14 when she lost her mother, she voiced out that her loss affected her severely because she lost someone she loved, and this experience was heart-breaking to her.
“There’s a void they leave behind, and the void takes time to heal or at least cover up for a while”
Candice says that it was devastating for her to lose her mother, the same woman who used to bathe her, feed her, fight with her, and most importantly, gave birth to her. She says that the fact that she cannot call out to her anymore brings about a different kind of heartbreak and this is when she realized that even the smallest questions matter. Candice disclosed that asking her mother questions she needed answers too became something that seemed futile, but so big and scary when she no longer had an option anymore.
“I never realized how many things I needed my mother to answer for me until she was no longer there”
Candice feels uncomfortable with asking other women in her life questions she needs answers too for the sole reason that they are just not her mother and she needs her mother to answer those questions. All this made Candice have an epiphany that there will always be good and bad days in life and according to her, that is the bargain humans sign up for and once they make it through the worst days they attain a heightened sense of appreciation for the small moments of joy to be found in normal days. The 34-year old says her loss came as a shock in her life, however, it also shaped her into a strong person and her grief also made her become better equipped to endure the other life losses as they come, to her, this is optimism that the rewards of love always triumphs. Through all this, she has learned to stand on her own two
feet and she also developed a strong bond with her father and he supports her in every way and his father has become her pillar and guardian angel.
“I cannot imagine my life without my father, God has truly blessed me. Loss has enriched my life in challenging, unexpected, and maybe even beautiful ways. I have the most handsome husband who is incredible with the girls, I would get home and find my kids bathed and supper ready. My mood did not have to be determined by the hurts of my past”
Candice instructs individuals who are dealing with grief to be open-minded to the idea that the world has changed, and grief is not perpetual, it is a spectrum of experiences that continue throughout our life. According to her, grief moulds and builds you, it teaches you how to neutralize obstacles in life, it makes one stand out from the rest of the crowd, therefore, people should take grief as a lesson rather than just an experience.
When asked about the in-depth of women empowerment, the 34-year-old explained that when we approach the concept of women empowerment, we need to share the genuine option of women. In this sense and manner, women are given a platform to vent out and voice their emotions to become louder and powerful and bring the experience of women to light. Candice also stipulated vividly that women empowerment to her ‘means being confident in yourself, your beliefs, and values. It is having the ability to choose not because someone gave you an option but because it is something women deserve simply because they are a part of the world and it is their birthright. Empowerment to her means being able to move beyond measures and to know what is right for you and attaining support for that.
Candice wanted to raise funds for non-profit organisations and schools that are underprivileged and there were days as a young girl when her father would drop her off in the industrial area and she would take a walk to see what funds she could raise for the kids. This is where her father’s second-hand camera came in, according to her, it was not just a camera, it was a doorway to her future, it was an opportunity for her to change people’s lives. Candice started and built her company on complexities as her husband had just been retrenched from work and while she was still pregnant with her second baby girl. Candice says that being a full-time photographer comes with outcomes such as losing your job, a decrease of income in your savings, and loans to
pay off, however, everything will turn out okay in the end when you have the right amount of support and love. Candice indicates that we should expect big things from her in the following year, she has just bought a farm 8 weeks ago and they are also starting a wedding venue, hair and makeup studio, coffee shop with a restaurant, wedding chapel, and photographic studio aqua hydraulics vegetable garden. Their main objective is to bring all the SMME’s together and make a huge success. The venue will sponsor an orphanage centre that she wants to start and a school for children who cannot afford to go to school. Candice highlights that her farm is going to change people’s lives and become a blessing to many, and it will also allow all SMME’s to have a hand in the project and community.

Wedding. The bride in a white dress standing and embracing bridesmaids

Candice wants to leave behind a legacy of photographic nostalgia and teach many the significance of ‘capturing moments’ in life and how photography can influence many to be creative about their experience by capturing them and doing something valuable with those experiences. She wants to leave behind a legacy of curiosity, exploration, captivity, and motivation.
“Embrace life to the fullest and capture every moment as if today were to be your last day on earth”

By Naomi M

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