■Full name: Susan Neliswa Motsuenyane  

■Age: 36

■Likes: Creative activities, reading, watching

podcasts, writing, counted development and public


■Dislikes: Procrastination, cruelty and self-pity

■ Please tell us about yourself:

I am a woman of motion and productivity. I centre my life around spirituality, family and personal growth.

I am a mother of two wonderful girls Goitseona and Azania. I am from the West Rand in Kagiso.

■ What does women Empowerment mean to you?

It means putting a conscious effort to help as many women as possible to rise up and become the best

versions of themselves. An empowered woman has the power to manifest anything she puts her heart into. Therefore, women empowerment is a global cure to

many issues.

■ Give us the bad and the good about fashion, trends

and fashion statements: Fashion is personal and very flexible. With fashion one can create personal style and improve their brand significantly. However, my biggest fashion DON’T has to be black and brown being paired together. It just doesn’t make any sense. My favourite fashion trend right now are frilly dresses

and athleisure wear. Suitable for women of all sizes and shapes.

■ Tell us about your business history:

I started my label in 2013 after leaving my career in media and marketing. I started with making

accessories such as earrings and neckpieces. Then gradually as I taught myself how to sew, I began to

really focus on making fashionable clothes which ranged from high fashion to simple styles. My clientele

grew over the years due to social media marketing, word of mouth and my fashion events. Right now, Suennel is not only a fashion design company, but we also specialize in brand and image coaching as well as hosting fashion and lifestyle events.

■ What inspired you to start your business:

When I first worked in media from tertiary, I decided to take a job as a TV presenter on a show called

Creations on SABC2, in 2007. The main focus of the show was the fashion industry. And so through

that experience I got to re-candle my love for clothes because I would interview fashion designers and

stylists. Then I couldn’t fight off the urge anymore. I realized fashion had been pursuing me from the time I

was still in high school; when I actually hand made my first dress to accompany my boyfriend, at the time, to his matric dance. Then I took the step to start.

■ What are some of your achievements?

I have dressed some fabulous people including some local celebrities. I have been featured on numerous

media platforms. I have also hosted some of the most memorable fashion shows. However my biggest

achievement is to sustaining the business for as long as I have against all odds.

■ What should we expect from you in 2021?

2021 is the year of the Queens. I want to put my best foot forward and maximize on everything I have

learned in my business journey as a fashion designer. I

plan to pleasantly surprise everyone in 2021.

■ What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

My biggest focus where my legacy is concerned are my two lovely daughters and black women at large.

So my moves are centered around those two main factors. The legacy I want to leave behind is of greatness and divine levels. The dream is for Suennel Original to transform many lives economically, substantially and in a transformational way.

Facebook: Suennel Style

Instagram: @Suennel_style

Twitter: N/A

Business website: https://suennel-original.business.site/

Name of the Photographer and other credits:

Makeup artist: Siyabonga Motsuenyane

Photographer: Siyabonga Motsuenyane

By Naomi M

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