The 20h of November has been marked as the official day to celebrate the little ones who brighten our days with cute smiles and warm souls. On This day I would like discuss the teachings we instill in our children from a young age in more ways than one oblivious to how they absorb everything, both said and unsaid. Society has become a hub of separation between what we teach our girls and our boys. Has Patriarchy stopped or made its way into yet another generation or have we enabled it from the previous generations?  From the toys and clothes manufactured to the career opportunities in the job sector, the gap still remains.  As science may say, it is best to paint from a blank canvas and so is the mind of our kids, from morals, values, beliefs and identities that is exactly what they will become in society in their adult life. As a result, a portion of the month of November has been dedicated towards raising awareness for 16 days on the abuse of woman and children by men. Many women are enslaved, forced into arranged marriages or even denied basic education. Now there many factors into this but the foundation begins with equality and giving the girl child nothing less than what she deserves towards living life to fullest. The 21st century has raised a new army of affirmed Boss ladies who have not succumb to societal limitations and breaking boundaries ,This includes blowing the whistle on gender based violence and learning how to confidently Say NO! without explaining themselves.

Part of Children’s day is teaching our kids their uniqueness and learning to live with each other’s various unique qualities towards one goal, to Achieve, to strive for peace and greatness. So with the above mentioned, the food for thought this month is learning healthy habits on how to approach and celebrate life. This includes celebrating your small or big wins or clapping for others when they reach certain millstones. It’s okay to heal, to be kind and to Love.

Dear little girl, you’ll always be worth it. You’re worth celebrating!

By FYLTeam

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