My name is Busisiwe Mmotla, a 27-years-old a single woman who was born in Limpopo and raised in Soweto. I am a teacher by profession, I reside in Soweto and teach English Home Language to grade 10 to grade 11. I dislike rudeness and inconsistency, added Busisiwe. Some of my achievements include graduating from the University of Johannesburg with a teaching degree, winning Miss Soweto 2017 and USN face of fitness 2019. My hobbies are watching reality TV, reading and watching sports. I am passionate about education, charity work, addressing gender inequality issues, fitness and discussing the access of health services for women. 

I have experienced abuse from my past two relationships. The 1st abuse occurred when I was young, I was naive and uneducated about different forms of abuse.  The second relationship was an experience that was filled with anxiety and it was based on all the wrong elements. It felt like there was no exit out of the relationship by the time I left I was a shrinking violet and I could barely recognize myself.

However, the experience has taught me what is not love and I want the opposite. I want love that doesn’t stem from anxiety, that doesn’t have a struggle in power dynamics and that’s based on kindness and understanding

Everything that you have gone through in your past has pushed you forward. I would not be the same person I am today had I not gone through these experiences. I thank God every day that I got out when I could because I would not be here today. 

The advice that I have for someone going through the same abuse, is to take a step back and realize that what you are going through is not normal. No loving relationship should make you feel small or should make you feel trapped. No one who loves you will make you feel like you not worthy nor less than your worth.  Leave that relationship, the world is so big and wide for you to be anything you want to be. Leave while you still can. Also seek help from the resources around you. E.g. the law, friends and family. 

 Women empowerment means being able to empower every single woman no matter what background, age or race. Empowerment means being able to realize that all women have different passions and different beliefs and helping them navigate ways to satisfy these passions and beliefs for them to be able to benefit socially, economically and emotionally from the empowerment. So, to me women empowerment is not an exclusive or a monolithic movement that is aimed at creating or assisting one kind of woman. It is a movement whose main goal is to make sure every woman feels seen and heard and valued by allowing them to be their powerful self. 

I have been modelling since I was 16. Pageantry wise, I have won titles such as Miss Dobsonville 2015, Miss City Waldorf 2014, Miss Soweto 2017. I have also won fitness competition, USN Face Of Fitness 2017. I have also done some modelling for Trifocus academy, boost gym wear and USN to mention but a few. I can say I have been in the industry for about 10 to 11 years and I have done both pageants and commercial Modelling. 

The reason I entered Miss South Africa was the fact that Miss SA is moving in a different direction when it comes to beauty. The direction the organization has taken is to be inclusive and allow different kinds of beauty to shine. One if the things I am passionate about is defying set standards of beauty. The current standards of beauty are backward and unrealistic, and Miss SA is slowly changing the view and to me that inspiring and motivating enough to join.

I was one of the 1st graduates in my family. My mom made sure I get to do that, and I think that’s one of my biggest achievements. I have won USN face of fitness 2019 and Miss Soweto 2017. Refurbishing a library at Luyolo Primary School and providing the school with books as well. 2021 is a great year. Expect me to still be pursing my passions.

I would love to leave a legacy of bravery. I want to be able to change the lives of deserving women. The change will include making sure educators get paid handsomely and the education system is elevated to provide quality education that is affordable at tertiary level if not free. Women deserve to have free access to quality health services especially that of a sexual nature e.g. a gynaecologist visit for either mammograms or pap smears. Girls deserve better sanitary wear that is free especially in underprivileged communities. That we redesign the confines of our society so we can break the chains of gender inequality at home e.g. in chores and roles; in the offices e.g. in the pay gap and career growth. 

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Cover Picture: Willem Botha

Story Picture: Gareth Baclay

By Naomi M

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