On the 13 November 2020 she had an event at the VinBoHo Guest House in Panorama. It was a Power Tower building project where we had 7 Provinces and 7 Team leaders at the same time building a Tower of Tins. My Tower’s name was The Tower of Giving. Each province had to pick a team who will be helping on that day. Each Province Tower had a different meaning. It started the morning early and you had to pick a theme for your Tower of Tins. Because my Tower was called The Tower of Giving, I decided on the Christmas tree theme because Christmas is the time of Giving. You then had to choose an NPO which you donate all that tins to. The NPO I chose was Badisa Trio.

It all started by Juanita Smit, Role Models Pageant Director and Mrs Pretoria 2020, Megan Horak-du Preez. They started the project in aid of helping the underprivileged in these times we are at now. So they decided that why not, 7 Provinces and 7 Teams build a Tower of Tins on the same date at the same time and donate the tins to the chosen NPO. Role Models Foundation has given me the opportunity to Bless an NPO in Cape Town as they stay in Gauteng.

It was a day filled with fun and laughter with my friends, team members and volunteers.

For me, as Mrs Cape Town 2014 and Mrs Mzantzi Africa 2017 and a finalist of Mrs African United Continent 2021 it was an honour to have been chosen as the Cape Town Co-ordinator. This project was hard work, dedication and support of people out there. Friends and Companies sponsoring tins and food to make that day possible. I had a professional photographer, Coreen Kuhn Photography as well as VinBoHo arranging some snacks to make the day even more special.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

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