Reamogetswe has a promising future in the Modelling Industry

Name & Surname: Reamogetse Julia Mangope Age:18 years old Likes: Meeting new people, deep meaningful lyrics, people with great sense of humour

I grew up in an amazing town called Randfontein in the west of Johannesburg, raised by my two amazing parents. I am currently doing my matric at Rand View College.

I started modelling in 2008, and I have won many titles like Miss Enchanted Winner 2019, Miss Dynamic Overall Winner 2019 /2020 and many more, and to announce that I am also one of the beautiful ladies who will be representing Gauteng at Miss International Junior Miss South Africa 2021 and Miss Teen Universe South Africa 2021. My hobbies include singing, dancing, modelling and hanging out with my family and friends. I believe that I am passionate in empowering young people and doing charity works is my passion.

My mother’s brave battle with cancer changed how I see the world. This experience almost destroyed me. The first time it truly hit me that my mom had breast cancer was during her first visit to oncologist. Beauty goes beyond the physical, even if you feel like your own heart is broken. Looking at my mother, I can honestly say that she’s never looked more beautiful than she does now.

This experience impacted my life to a greater extent, I now know that in the realm of possibility, anything can happen, but it is the perception that makes a difference.

My advice to people who their parents are going through this disease, “show up for your loved one, say these words everyday” I Am Here for You!

I believe that women empowerment is the ability of women to exercise full control over one’s actions. I was inspired by my sister to do pageants, added Reamogetswe. My biggest accomplishment is having my own makeup studio called Refifa makeup studio and my biggest goal is to have my own makeup Collection

2021 will be a big year with amazing possibilities as I can already see myself walking away with the title Miss Teen Universe South Africa and International Junior Miss South Africa

My legacy is seeing myself being a mentor to others.

Facebook :Rea mangope Instagram :Queen_ree_yea Instagram :@refifa_makeupstudio

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