I write this with pain in my heart. I want to let you know that I’m letting go of you. By that I mean letting go of the anger and hate I have towards you. I’ve hated you for the longest time in my life and that has not benefited me in anyway, instead it was killing me, yet you are living carefree. I won’t disclose your name, but I will no longer keep quiet about what you did to me. Today I’m struggling to with my feelings because of what you did, you forcefully took away from me something I would never get back but what you did to me gave me strength and a testimony. Today I’m able to stand and say, “I am a survivor, I am a Victor and I am a conqueror.” The pain you gave me gave birth to this wonderful young lady that I am today. Yes, I still cry, I still get flashbacks and I sure as hell am scared of men, but I know that in time I’ll be okay. I don’t wish death upon you; I don’t wish anything evil upon your life for I know you’re already suffering. I know my face is the last thing you see when you close your eyes and my cry is the only thing that rings on your ears. I’ve grown and I’ve decided to forgive you. You don’t deserve it, but I won’t allow you to block my blessings, you’ve taken away so much already and I won’t allow you to steal my future. I’m forgiving you for my own sanity and because I am a much bigger person than you are. I am strong and I’m coming out, I’ll share with the world what you did to me and build up other people. You broke me but God built me and now I’m unbreakable, unshakable and unstoppable❤️📖👑. 

I hope you get to read this letter.

Regards: A survivor of your assault.

By Nomasonto Simphiwe Matyjila

By FYLTeam

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