Full name:Mpho Tema

Age: 20

Likes:Talks about Christ,Music,fashion trends,acting and dancing, I sing too, I like food and I like swimming.

Dislikes: Negative energy, unprofessionalism and inaccurate information and being late.

Status: Student

Please tell us about yourself.

I am Mpho Tema, 20 years of age. Very bubbly, loves smiling, outspoken and can be an emotional person at times, some call it sensitive I guess, but then again, that’s simply just me. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t focus on any end goal but the journey to it. I’m very realistic and understanding. I’m also very empathetic, I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand perspective, and I enjoy being around positive energy and people who challenge me and inspire me to grow and be the best version of myself. I’m also giving, as one of my biggest aspirations in life is to give back and make an impact to a larger group of people who are less privileged. I aspire to be a Chartered Accountant in the near future too. The reason behind being a Chartered Accountant began when I fell in love with accounting back in high school and realised that it is something, I really enjoy so why not go all the way. I’d like to believe that I’m not a woman of any circumstance regardless of anything really. I look at obstacles as challenges and always keen on finding ways to overcome them successfully.

Please share with us an experience that almost destroyed you, an experience that almost cost you your life, however you decided to go out there and Fetch Your Life:

What nearly destroyed me was not accepting reality as it is and thinking the world, I lived in was perfect in my head. I was never a child that spoke up when I was bothered and all and that was a very toxic character to have simply because it affected my personality. That almost destroyed my whole being because had I have not addressed my toxic trait in time I would still

have a low self-esteem till today and I would literally be demotivated as soon as certain situations didn’t go my way the way I planned for them to go. I’m also a victim of being bullied at school back in primary(emotionally)and I must say, there were moments where I felt like I wanted to stay in the classroom alone and not go out for breaks simply because certain kids took advantage at the fact that I was soft and very laid back, some called me a “coconut” because I didn’t have the lingo some of the kids had when I got enrolled there. Everything changed when I got to grade 7 when I started getting recognition for my academic achievements and that’s when I gained respect from a lot of kids and the same people that bullied me even became my friends, this made me realise how forgiving I was even though no apology was made, I guess I’ve just always been the type to brush off things easily and look at the brighter  and better things in life.

How has this experience impacted your life?

Being emotionally enclosed affected me badly because I found it hard to open up to people and allowing them in my personal space or my aura rather. It also affected my trust in people. I’ve always had a sense of facing the world alone and being the warrior that I am and achieving my purpose here on earth, so I never saw the need to rely on anyone but myself to avoid a lot of disappointments. In relation to things not going the way I planned ,however, go hand in hand with not always winning at times or getting that mark u set out for yourself and feeling less of yourself because you feel like you have failed yourself even when it’s still progress but just not what you wanted it to be. Being a victim of being walked over (bullied rather) put me in a position where I can totally relate to other victims and understanding of how they felt enough to give advice on how to overcome the situation.

Do you think that had it not been for this experience you would have become the person you are?

I think having to face certain challenges in life made me understand life better. It made me realise that everything worth having doesn’t come easy. I also learnt to be strong emotionally because it is up to me to pull myself together and make things happen and keep striving no matter what. I figured if I don’t, no one would and that would be my fault because I let certain obstacles rule me. Had it not been for the challenges faced I wouldn’t have any testimonies to share and having the ability to stand before a crowd of people and motivate them based on what I have experienced in my journey of life so that I can inspire that one girl/boy that thinks they can’t achieve certain things because of circumstance.

What advise do you have for someone that has been through the same experience?

Speak up. Do not bottle things up because pain leads to anger and anger becomes toxic because you never know how to handle it if not dealt with. Take a diary and let out all your emotions if you have to and burn it. Pray to God for strength to overcome whatever challenge you are given in life. Even when it sounds easier said than done at least try to take the first step in trying to become the better version of yourself and having a backbone to dignify your presence.

Do not hesitate on anything you set your mind to and always be confident enough to handle any criticisms if any.

What does women Empowerment mean to you?

Woman empowerment to me means being united as women and encouraging each other to become the best versions of ourselves. It means knowing your worth as a female and being independent the best way you can. Woman empowerment to me is creating foundations of self-worth and dignity. Woman empowerment is walking through the door of an interview room against a man and being viewed equally because your presence as a woman is just as respected as that of a man. Being an empowered woman is not relying on a man to make things happen for you, it means not holding on to unnecessary pains caused by a man because he provides, and you supposedly need him. Being an empowered woman to me and my peers at this very moment is being focused and being driven and knowing were your priorities lie. I believe you need to have a vision to experience progress because escalation is everything.

Being an empowered woman at this very moment means standing up and speaking up for those who were violated, and justice wasn’t served, for those whose voices are overlooked and for those who are taken advantage of.

Tell us about your pageantry history.

My first ever pageant was Miss Teen Kagiso and I won in the year 2018,when I joined it I gave my all and the minute i became a finalist I realised I had what it takes and from that day onwards I fell in love with pageantry. And then I entered  Miss Inspire SA 2020 and made it to top 5 And later on in the year at the Mr and Miss Kagiso Pageant I got crowned Mogale City Youth Ambassador 2021 alongside four other girls and this title simply signifies the impacts we have made within the communities and outside it.

What inspired you to join pageantry?

What inspired me to join pageantry was the goals I set out for myself and pageantry

happened to be one of the platforms I could use to make an impact the best way I knew how.

What are some of your achievements?

Being put on the digital platforms for Westside FM and interviewing one of the influential people in the media field.

Being a part of the DoItForRadioHeads with DJ Bouks as my guide and working alongside Kabelo Tau known to all as the FRESHPRINCE of Westrand.

I established my company SDHA Pty Ltd

I got featured on Krugersdorp News.

I was a guest Judge and motivational speaker at the Face of Azania 2020.

Miss Teen Kagiso 2018/19

Miss Inspire SA 2020(Top 5)

Mogale City Youth Ambassador 2021

Radio Presenter

Motivational speaker & MC

South African Youtuber

Founder of SDHA Pty Ltd


What should we expect from you in 2021?

I’m still studying at the University of Pretoria but apart from that I plan on hosting a launch for my company SDHA Pty Ltd which stands for Strength, Dignity, Hope & Ambition. This launch will further be detailed sometime next year regarding the purpose of my company.

I’ll also be on certain media platforms doing what I love (anything artistically related).

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

One that will inspire a young boy or girl that they too can get up and dust themselves and strive for GREATNESS and nothing else. A legacy that will remind every young person out there to exhaust all their God given talents and abilities because those are the only tools necessary to get you closer to your desired goals in life.

Facebook: Mpho Tema

Instagram: mphotema_


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