Mzali App makes it possible to impart information to every parent concerning the performance of their kids at school.

For more information, on how to sign-up the school of your child with MzaliApp.

Email us:

Please, take a moment right now, hit “Pause” on what you’re doing, and ask yourself if you can monitor the performance of your child from school.

If Not…

Ask the school of your child to sign-up with MzaliApp.

The service is free to all the schools and parent

The current platform features include:

• Instant News notifications

• Subject information- Homework, assignment and task

• View learner attendance (Present, Absent and Early departure-days)

• Generation of quarterly reports

• Textbooks allocation

• Online learning from BCX Learn

• Online learning from LightBulb Education

• and Zero data from Telkom

Please visit our website for more information.

When parents and teachers work together, it will bridge the gap between the two cultures – cultures at home and at school

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