Omphiomphile Selete

20 years old

Likes: Traveling, talking, reading, cooking 

Dislikes: Noise, being surrounded by a lot of people I don’t know 

Status: Single 

Please tell us about yourself

Well, Omphiomphile is a young talented, passionate girl with a bag full of confidence, determination and ambition. I’m an aspiring actress, A Miss Kagiso 2nd Princess 2021 and the founder of Omphile S Foundation and I’m from a beautiful city called Kagiso, I’m a young, kindhearted girl that enjoys interacting with people. I am a girl that stands strong and believes in landing a helping hand. However, my goal and ambition in life is to teach our nation ration, teach them to be better people and excel in life. I live to inspire, I am a rainbow in someone’s cloud, I leave a sparkle wherever I go, I am unstoppable.

Please share with us an experience that almost destroyed you, an experience that almost cost you your life, however you decided to go out there and Fetch Your Life

Growing up without a father and having a stepfather who was basically evil. Having to be emotionally and physically abused by a step father for not being his biological daughter was the worst thing I’ve ever been through, 2017 December during my exams I was brutally beaten and sent straight to ICU , couldn’t continue with my final exams and had to repeat the same grade. The same thing happened again and 2019 and I moved out of my mother’s house to live with my grandma, that was a difficult time in my life. I cut my mother out of my life. There were a lot of times when I attempted killing myself. I was battling with depression, anxiety, and anger issues which I still am going through now. 

How has this experience impacted your life?

In that whole process I decided that I have only me to turn my back on, nobody to talk to, but even when it was still that way, I lifted my head up high and walked tall.

Do you think that had it not been for this experience you would have become the person you are?

Had it not been for this experience I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I’m able to talk about what bothers me even though I just limit what I talk about. I’m now able to stand for what I believe in.

What advise do you have for someone that has been through the same experience?

They should speak at least to one person they trust because bottling things up will ruin your being, and there are times where you will feel that things are quite heavy for you and think of committing suicide and all that.

What does women Empowerment mean to you?

What women empowerment means to me is all the actions undertaken to improve the social, economic, and political status of women in the world as women were not given greater opportunities to rule the world and greater jobs like men. The female gender has faced subjugation and systematic oppression throughout history, and the situations call for improvement in their condition in society. Women’s empowerment begins with the act of considering women equal to men. The whole of feminist ideology revolves around the concept of establishing equality of all sexes. Discrimination against women has been so imminent in our society that we often fail to notice the subtle and latent forms of sexism.

Tell us about your pageantry history.

Wow my pageantry history was amazing. I started with my First Pageant this year which was Mr & Miss Kagiso. The pageant taught me a lot honestly, it groomed me to who I am, boosted my confidence as well but moreover it taught me more about the community and working for the community and one of the faces of my community. It taught me more about giving back to the community and in that process, I developed so much love for that. I was awarded a certificate for best introduction video and for determination, later, I was crowned Miss Kagiso 2nd Princess and with that I’m still serving my community.

What inspired you to join pageantry?

What inspired me to join pageantry was my story, I felt the need to finally talk about my past and getting my message across as pageants give you an opportunity to voice out everything.

What should we expect from you in 2021?

What to expect from me in 2021 is an online business, starting a YouTube channel, and with my Foundation called Omphile S foundation which focuses more on fighting GBV, introducing entrepreneurship to the young ones in my community, and also empowering young girls in my community. I will be hosting a seminar sometime March about fighting GBV, whereby we will be calling upon the perpetrators and getting solutions on how to minimize GBV in our community.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

The legacy I want to leave behind is empowering young girls in my community and grooming a boy child in my community as South Africa has focused their energy of young girls and have neglected young boys in our community. It is about time change and help is given to young boys in our community.

Facebook: Omphile Selete 

Instagram: Phehello Selete

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