A 12-Year-Old, Multiple Award-winning Author

Full Name: Michelle Nkamankeng

Age:12 years old

Likes: I really love to help other people, I like to read, swim, write, do gymnastics, sing for fun, dance, love to do presenting, etc.

Dislikes: I really do not like to see other people suffer, I don’t like cold weather, I don’t like to be bored, but I also don’t like too much work, etc.

I am a 12-year-old multiple award-winning author and the youngest author to be amongst the top ten youngest writers in the world. I started writing at the age of six years old in which I wrote my first two books titled “Waiting for the Waves” and “The Little Girl who believes in Herself”. Currently, I have written nine books, but I have only published three, but I am still planning to get more out there.  Besides being an author, I am also a philanthropist, child activist, motivational/inspirational speaker. My love to help other children less privileged than me was then implemented in November 2016 when I was seven years old and is my foundation called Michelle Nkamankeng Foundation which empowers children and youth through literacy.

I have many role models but my main role models are Malala Yousafzai because of all the things she had gone through just to find equality for all girls and children, also Natalie Wambui who inspired me through the way she wrote all about her country and her people and lastly J.K Rowling of the Harry Potter series because no matter how many people tried to pull her down she still came up on top. Also, some K – pop and music groups inspire me through all the pain and struggle that they have been through.

What inspired me to start writing was when I went to one of my local bookstores and I saw that most children’s books were written by adults. So, I thought that why don’t children write their own stories and experiences. So, I thought that if I do the first example, I thought that other children will also learn to follow in my footsteps.

To be honest, I barely have failures that I cherish because they were mostly when I was small but the ones I remember are when I first wrote my books when my parents wouldn’t believe that I could actually write books. That is at least one of the failures I cherish.

Well, balancing school and my projects at the same time can be hard and stressful sometimes but with the help of my parents and their helpful hands, I was able to cope with them both.

In the next 5 years, I see myself still making a difference in other people’s lives. Also, inspiring people not only continental but internationally, but to do that, I cannot do it on my own. I will need the help of others out there to please support me through this journey.

Currently, my Dream project is to help to repair orphanages that I see are not having proper safe hygiene but in the future, there will be more dream projects but that is the main one, so, please those who would like to support, you are welcome to.

For now, the only project I am working on is my dream one, but more projects will be coming soon.

Some of my achievements are the UNICEF tiny stories competition in which I was in the top 5 out of 200 and the only child there in 2016, I was also recognized internationally (but not fully yet), my book was translated to Portuguese in Brazil, I am the image of the statue of Hope in Constitutional Hill by UNICEF, I have received more than 20 awards, I have been interviewed internationally and locally and many more.

In 2021, you can expect a lot, but it is just the beginning and the end is nowhere near. So, you can ne expecting a lot from me.

My social media:

Facebook: Michelle Nkamankeng 

Instagram: michelle_nkamankeng 

Twitter: michelle_n23

Business website: Michelle Nkamankeng (still in the process)

If you would like to support me, please contact me through my social media 

The name of the photographer is my big sister, Sheena Nkamankeng of LANSM 

E : michellenkamankeng@gmail.com

E : michelle@michellenkamankeng.com

W : www.michellenkamankeng.com

FB/U-Tube : Michelle Nkamankeng

Inst : Michelle_Nkamankeng

Tweet : Michelle_n23

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