We’ll I realized over my years of wellness all this time I had the power to get my mind to get to a rest mode but because my attitude was not aligned what I really wanted. Hence it seemed impossible but best believe my medication also played huge role. Taking psych medication is nothing to be ashamed off remember that that having any mental health disorder simply means there is chemical imbalances and the meds just help balancing.

 You know the saying “there is so much to do and less time” well allow me to say there is no such (hiding face) but seriously though reason im saying this is because some tend to let anxiety speak before getting anything done and it is really not necessary but as we grow we learn.

One factor that makes our minds to keep spinning is we like using words like “I go with flow” forgetting that we don’t control over time so going with the flow is really dangerous because in most cases we going around in circles and achieve absolutely nothing allows me to make an example that most of are can relate to. You know that you have other things to do but because you are going with the flow it gets messy. You receive a call from a friend asking you to accompany them as they have to run their errands and you like oh no problem and you leave everything you had to do for the day and before you know if it’s time to cook and help with homework for others and yes we have different things to do. The mind the reminds you of the things that you had to do but did not do because priorities were not in line and boom you cannot sleep and one would say all of a sudden you can’t sleep but in actual fact it is not an “all of a sudden” moment it’s the choice you made.

So I learned to avoid an “all of a sudden” moment and had to write down the things that I have to do as each day presents it different responsibilities for a lack of better words doing that has really helped me a lot though days are not the same but in most cases my mind is at ease and im able to get through my day better. Remember when your mind is not at ease or relaxed it sends out different waves to your body and you experience pains that were not there to begin with taking it into account that you are a whole person right so if one part of your body is not relaxed it effects of body members hence the headaches, chest pains and the likes.

With all that being said it’s not a casting stone we can learn trick in how to get ourselves aligned.

Here are some tools that assisted me as I went for psych therapy oh how I wish I had someone to teach these before anyway let’s try doing these three thing below and see if they don’t work.


Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to quieten the mind.

  1. Just stop – find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and allow the mind to settles remember that you have to close your eyes trust me you will feel something. The anxiety level will reduce.
  2. Tapping technique- with your eyes still closed tap your hand slowly on your thigh and feel your body relaxing as your mind calms down.
  3. Mind focusing on breathing rhythm – I bet you always hear someone saying to you take a deep breath guess what that works like a charm if you take it seriously. When you mind adapts to your breathing your muscles relax and you really get peace of mind trust me.

I did not read about it I had to experience it for myself try it also you will thank me later. I really hope that you find this article handy.

Yours truly Dineo founder of My Brilliant Mind Mental health awareness NPO. Please do follow my page on Facebook its “MyMind” and on Instagram Dineo Seshwene- MBM.

 Mental health stigma will be a thing of the past let’s focus on our mental wellbeing.


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