Full name: Mpho Gates
Likes: cooking, travelling, shopping, alone time (such a loner)
Dislikes: negative vibes, clubs, noise, being forced to do something
Status: Single
Tell us about yourself

Mpho Gates is a 28-year-old business analyst and process optimization engineer, a business woman, face of Personal branding for young people seeking to set themselves apart from their peers, colleagues & society, currently appointed by Nelo holdings as a public speaker addressing Christian untapped issues, who hails all the way from Soweto. She is a second child of 3 (has an older sister and younger brother) She loves the Lord so much and is a fun-loving person.

What are the failures that you most cherish?
I wouldn’t consider them failures however opportunities not considered or not taken seriously. in 2015 I had an opportunity to go to Turkey to complete my Maters degree both my grand-parents and mom fell ill (life threatening) and I had to choose between family and growing as a person. Imagine having to struggle to get to tertiary then when all seems to gel and make sense, dreams collapse right in front of your eyes. All I wanted was to travel the world, experience all the “good” things people my age experienced, have a luxurious life and have my dream job possible and or even meet my Prince charming. All this hurt but I know I wouldn’t have been able to handle not being home when my family needed me the most. well I’m glad I didn’t go to Turkey, I value family the most. The other is not taking my studies seriously when I was in high school, LOL could have studies science to be a medical doctor however today I am in banking. I honestly don’t think I would have been this woman that I am today… forever grateful

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?

Fear not Mpho, fear not. I for the longest time was afraid of trying, fear of “living”, fear of experiencing, fear of the unknown…. (list is endless) and guess what? All this was influenced by people’s experiences. I would honestly tell Mpho not to fear but to trust the process. I wish I did

How Do You Balance Your Work and Private Lives?
I struggle sometimes, but I guess it is important for one to be disciplined. I have learnt that in the office, no one really cares about your personal life but delivery of what is expected of you, do your job, get pain and Shhhs…. 

Then there are events that will force you to share your real-life experiences with hope to encourage and inspire those around you… I mean how else can you tell someone that its possible to be in their current circumstances and with potential to be great? How do you tell someone who went to bed without food that all shall pass and that their situation is seasonal? Well I do this by telling them what I have been through, what I had to encounter, my setbacks and how I was able to get up…. I guess it’s not always easy to Shhhs.

Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 20 Years?
Yoh! 20 years? To be honest I never thought that far, could this mean I am not optimistic? I guess not. I though strive to be great in all I touch, do and invent. I know I will not rest till another girl like Mpho becomes great not on financials, not on material things but to get up even when people don’t believe in them, I will not rest… hope to have impacted even if it’s just one girl.

What is Your Dream Project?
I have ALWAYS dreamt to have a young women organization, lets tell stories people don’t always want to hear, stories about family, divorce, struggles… look I come from a broken family and with that I encountered a lot, I always also thought my experience is the worst but it’s not, we don’t fully know what young people not just women go through…. My dream project is to bring hope, to encourage and fulfil, what is the use of talking if not action is taken after all?

What Projects are You Presently Working on?

It’s not registered projects, but I always at-least once a year aim to take young girls out to different adventurous game activities and discuss how they’d use those to tackle real life issues for example hiking. There are a number of blockers, rocky paths, unclear obstacles where some would tired, some will uplift and encourage, some want to rest yet some desire to get to the finish line all this can be relative to real life issues that will force one to introspect and gain perspective.

What does women empowerment mean to you?
There is a famous Quote by Sylvester McNutt the third that “she Overcomes Everything that is meant to destroy her” this is a quote by a Men about woman overcoming all obstacles. WoMen, WeMen. It starts with believing and trusting that the same power invested in a Men, WeMen also have. This is the first steppingstone to empower WeMen, then you enable and uplift by providing necessary support and resource to fulfil their objectives and desires.

What legacy do you want to leave?

My prayer is simple, and I will find internal rest if I can inspire others through my lived experiences withholding nothing. To have supported by giving and to share passionately.

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