Name: Lindiwe Makhubu

Age: 42 years old

Likes: Family, Fitness, Women Empowerment, Women Power, Feminism, Gender equality, Honesty,

Love, My children. Dislikes: Dishonesty, Not being able to fulfil my full potential, Poverty, Patriarchy, Oppression of one on another. Status: In a relationship.

Lindiwe Makhubu is the Founder and Director of the Beaten but not broken Foundation, a Philanthropist, Feminist and agent of positive change for women and children’s rights, an entrepreneur, and divorced mother of two wonderful girls who has a story to tell. Having being raised in a stable home, and later learn to survive in a world of divorced parents, she learnt to balance her act perfectly in her own roles as a wife, mother, professional and sibling to those who needed her. Lindiwe has always been able to thrive through her hardships.
Being a divorcee and survivor of abuse and domestic violence has seen me thrive from being abused verbally, physically and mentally. Thrown out of the matrimonial home, and removed from my children (aged 9 and 6 at the time), denied communication and continuous means to jeopardise my relations at work so I could be dismissed. All this being done when I had left my whole life in the Kindgom of Eswatini many years ago to marry in South Africa. I did not have much to run back to as both my parents were already deceased. I fought tooth and nail to keep my head above level and worked my way to survival by developing an understanding of my identity, and self-love, which helped me to thrive into better spaces and to pull my life together and in turn be able to open up a foundation with a vision to gather women who are going through the same challenges and similar ones, to empower them and provide tools for survival.
The impact of my life changing experiences has been immensely positive, because I have managed to recollect my life for the better, take care of my children single headedly. It has raised my awareness of the impact of many social ills and how much they impact in women’s lives and that of children, so much so that I have created a foundation that is working to assist and foster women to empower them with skills and tools that will help them survive and better their lives and that of their children.
The experiences I had were such eye openers and God’s way of building of a big ministry in me so I could go out to the world and help other share my testimony and in turn help those who have lost hope and direction to understand that their situations are not unique and that survival is possible.
My advise to any woman going through or has been through abuse and violence, be it domestically, work, politically or any form that for as long as they still have breath in their lungs they still have a great chance to get out of the bad situation and to thrive. If you stay in an abusive and nonconducive situation in life then you have made a bad choice. If there are children involved in your abuse or violation, you need to be cognisant of the short- and long-term effects of what you endure
versus the longevity and choices the children will make in the future. The time to break generational curses in now, and you are responsible for your life.
Women empowerment is quite broad and such a great tool to better women’s lives if effected appropriately. It means we are breaking the chains of oppression, of pain, of patriarchy, of certain cultural norms, religious norms and societal norms that demean and kill our women. Women empowerment means we are getting women’s rights equalised and in turn all human beings can cohabit peacefully without one feeling superior over another.

Lindiwe’s achievements include surviving violence, abuse and tormenting divorce. Rising from the ashes of not being able to bring food to the table for the children to running a small business, to the purchase of extra property for business purposes, creating a women and girl child empowerment foundation, to hosting the biggest and most impactful women and girls conferences two years in a row, against the odds of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, to being an activist of change and regular speaker for women’s social matter and how to tackle these on Ligwalagwala fm, to being hosted as a guest speaker in various women empowerment gatherings, and also to being the best mother to my children.
In 2021 the world should expect bigger achievements and more activities to help women and children’s rights and empowerment. The philanthropist has also put a helping hand in the fight against Period Poverty, having collected a 6 months’ supply of sanitary pads for 221 children that will be handed over as soon as the covid-19 regulations and conditions have eased and allow for bigger gatherings. There are bigger plans to do more hands-on community work to interact and empower women and children.
Her story is a lot about her life experiences, gained as she was growing up in the kingdom of Eswatini, moving to South Africa and getting married and mothering her children.
Lindiwe Makhubu is a professional Accountant whose career has seen her work for different companies in a highly demanding industries, ones mainly dominated by men, and she has stood head and shoulder above peers for the recognition she deserved.
It imperative that every human make it a point to make some form of change and leave a legacy in this world. I will and am sure that the legacy of fighting for women’s rights in the academia, homes, boardrooms, politics and high positions will be a better one and my role into bringing this to pass will be endured by many generations to come. I am here to at least change one life for the better.
Facebook: Lindiwe Makhubu and Beaten but not broken Instagram: Lindiwe Makhubu and Beaten_butnot_broken Twitter: N/A Business website: (this is still work in progress) Credits go out to my children, my partner, family, my team, all the supporters, sponsors for the Beaten but not broken foundation.
Therein lies her strength of many women who are defined by what they can achieve as they juggle the many balls that life throws at them.

“Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up and thrive”

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