Name: Nompumelelo Dukwe 

Age: 26 years

Tell us about yourself:

I am currently practicing Lead Generation in my day job. Which allows me the lifestyle I currently lead and affords me the device I’m currently typing on. I also am a Digital Content Creator, Public Speaker and Youtuber. I was born and bred in a mine township called Khutsong where we are literally sitting on gold. I completed my high school there at Carletonville Hoerskool but before then I was in a technical boarding school called Hoerskool Tegnies Potchefstroom where I truly honed my independence skills.

I moved to the city to further my studies, where during my undergraduate degree years I became the Vice President in the Student Council, Head of Academics and The Independent Institute of Education National Student Senate. I worked part time as a tutor and did vacation work with A- Game Business Consulting based in Fourways during holidays. I clearly remember telling my mom that I will never come back home again unless it’s to visit. She smiled and walked away. 7 years later, I only go home to visit! I had to keep the promise to myself and I think that is what Personal Development is all about: Keeping those promises to yourself.

Have you had any setbacks in your life?

When it comes to the question of hitting rock bottom, I always find it hard to answer because I’ve been fortunate enough to have not had an experience that almost destroyed me. By this, I mean I am from a generation that has access to a vast of information and real-life stories. And these stories, of people who have hit rock bottom were enough experience for me to Fetch My Life before it needed fetching. 

Impact: This revelation has made me value my time and be proactively proactive. To really prepare my life in such a way that those who come after me would also not need to hit rock bottom first before they understand that life has seasons and we have no control over these seasons but we can prepare for them.

The person I became: Not. One of the first books I read when my mind was ripe was a book titled, “Call Me Woman” by Ellen Khuzwayo which I found in the library. Her experience with life in this book gave me no choice but to take control of my life and never look back. It took a while to grasp this phenomenon of being fully responsible for your life, but I can confidently say my whole life is in my hands now.

Advice: Read. Read voluminously. Reading automates everything else. And I mean read real books, autobiographies, self-help books and financial books. (I’m currently reading “Everyone’s guide to the South African Economy” by Andre Roux.

This will automatically expand and challenge your mind; overtime you will subconsciously become a different individual and all life secrets according to your story and your path will be revealed to you.

Woman Empowerment: Woman Empowerment for me means not waiting for a messiah. I can build a business that I want, buy property where I want, choose an education that I want, name my daughters what I want and choose my own nail colour.


-Top Campaign Producer (2020)

-Top Public Speaker (2018)

-Top 6 BCom Digital Marketing Graduate (2017)

-Saying NO, even to some nice things! (Ongoing).

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