Full name: Thabang Maphanga 

Age: 23

Likes: Football, 

Dislikes: I don’t like people that come late or are always late 

Please tell us about yourself.


My name is Thabang Maphanga I am from Burgersfort, but I grew up in Phalaborwa, I have always been good with sports I love football 

What inspired you to start your business?

Growing up I have always been into business so I can’t really pick out a specific thing that actually inspired me to start any of my businesses, because I always wanted to  have money so if something made money I did it.

In high school I use to sell lollipops and bubble gum and I then grew the business and instead of me selling I recruited boys in grade 8 to go around the school selling for me 

What are some of your achievements?

I have a lot of achievements, but I will pick out some of my favourite ones let me start with sports because my trophy cabinet is one of my favourite things in the house 

1) Breaking Jessie Du Toits High jump record will forever be one of my favourite achievements I grew up looking up to him so yeah I think you can imagine the feeling after I did that 

2) Winning the Top goal scorer of the Mandela Tournament 

3) Getting the Athlete of the year award twice in a row in 2009 and 2010

4) Collaborating with Markham will forever be something I cherish because they were the first retail store I worked with as a model and influencer 

5) Getting a role on Yobe as Ntate is also one of the achievements I am very proud it was my first job as an actor 

What Are Some of The Mistakes You Wished You Could’ve Avoided? 


Investing money in MTI, LOL

How Did You Know When You Had the Right Idea?

Not sure how to answer this question but when people started talking about what am doing and kids started looking up to me and telling me that am their role model that’s when I knew that I am doing something right and that’s what keeps me going at times because I want to inspire people and have them dream big especially people from back home in Burgersfort

How Do You Plan on Growing Your Business?

A Business grows because you are working with more companies and working with more people, so I plan on doing that. The rest of the stuff I can’t really say now.

Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn from Them?

I have experienced a lot of failures in my life and all of them have the same lessons, don’t rush into something and expect it to workout always be patient and test it before doing it be patient and take your time and put in the work to make it work 

What should we expect from you in 2021?

This year I will be focusing more on my acting career then my modelling so I guess that’s what people can expect 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to be someone that didn’t make excuses because of his circumstances growing up to be a failure I want to be seen as someone who used his circumstance to want to achieve great and achieved great  

Facebook: Thabang Sydney Maphanga

Instagram: ThabangMaphanga_

Twitter: FantasyThabang 

Business website: www.fantasykick.co.za


Please find attached Images the Photographer is Toolzfilms that’s also his Instagram handle 


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