Our Editor’s choice of brand its Estee Lauder for the month of March 2021. A perfect product for all occasions, it will make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. A product for all the phenomenal women, alfa women, women who dream of greatness. The earlier you begin to use it, the better your skin will continue to appear. You’re never too young to start taking care of your skin girl!

Estee Lauder (née Josephine Esther Menzer, bornabout 1908) was the founder of the international cosmetics empire that bears her name and the chief developer of its products. 

This stay-in-place make-up is a perfect combination with the Estee Lauder Lip Stick & Mascara. Perfect for any occasion, Boss up with Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder - Mascara

 Estee Lauder - Lipstick

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