No situation is ever too small, if it can cut you deep then you are not exaggerating

Oratile pule

I am 17years old


I love exploring and adventure

I dislike being shallow


Tell us about an experience that almost destroyed your life and against all odds, you went out there and fetched your life


My parents separated when I was five years old and it created a huge void in my life growing up, without proper affection and the presence of both parents. It felt like a piece of me was taken away, I was ripped apart. I knew I had to be my own rescue, as no one ever asked me if I was okay or simply just ask how I was doing at school. Not only did I have to be strong for myself I also had to be strong for my mother as she suffered from depression and attempted suicide, it was the most difficult time of my life. I watched my life fall apart in front of me, just when it was supposed to begin.


I would sometimes ask myself if it was my fault? Was it my birth that contributed to the separation? Or maybe if I would die, they would be happy again. I thought that my mother attempting suicide was my fault and decided not to bother her and be strong instead. Through it all I found a friend in God who helped me overcome the situation. He took me out of the dark and placed me in divine peace. God was and still is my savour, through prayer I conquered, and I was able to Fetch My Life.



How has the experience impacted your life?


I consider myself to be stronger than ever and if I had not been through all the hard times, I wouldn’t have been the strong young women that I am today.



What advice would you give to a person who have been through the same experience?


I would advise someone who is going through something similar “I would say, even the strongest people need help” it’s okay to open and vent. We all need a shoulder to lean on.


What does women Empowerment mean to you?

To me woman empowerment is independence in a woman and being able to do something regardless of society’s stereotypical beliefs and gender inequality.


Tell us about your pageantry history


I started pageantry at the age of 14 and I am still exceeding and learning new things. I started doing pageants as I saw it as a platform to become a role model.


What are some of your achievements?


In 2017 I was crowned the 1st Princess of TF Potchefstroom and in 2018 I won an award in art at the Eisteddfod Noord Wes Muiskom. In   2019 established an organization that helps the less privileged and I was crowned Miss DNK Zeerust 2019. I am currently 1st Princess Miss Kagiso 2021




What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?


I want to leave a legacy where young black girls are able to be independent education successful and empowered


What can we expect from you in 2021?


Oratile: Things to expect from me in 2021 is positive change not only from me but for my community as well success more achievements and mor work

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