In most case we inflict ourselves with things that are far from us simply because we looking at other people and the focus now goes to what the next person has achieved  and the time frame it took them to get to where they are today yet you forget that what the next person is presenting now is the result of what they have put time too let me take it a step further when you enjoy your time doing whatever it is which might not be aligned to what you are hoping to achieve but the very person you want to be like has put is time (sacrifice) and unfortunately that will make you have anxiety not all is lost though don’t despair and don’t limit yourself.

Please allow me to give a dictionary definition

  • PACE: – “To move or progress at a speed and rate that one is able to sustain until the act is completed” (SAVE ENERGY)
  • LIMIT: – “Preventing your development or expression of yourself”

As per the different definition the is a clear distinction.

When you pace yourself you allow yourself time to breath and your mind the opportunity to release the amount of energy that will give you satisfying results because you know for a fact that you that you are properly geared up for whatever it is that you want to achieve, your goals are clear and there is no space for anxiety in you.

Your mental health is in for a nice treat and you are not easily shaken even if someone reaches the “finish line” before you ultimately you will get there remember life is not a marathon it is a journey but put in the time make sacrifices nothing will fall from the sky and to your lap that will never happen don’t event dream of it even in your wildest dreams (hiding face)

Limiting yourself can be a good or bad thing it depends on how you look at it. For me it can be good as it helps me create boundaries and for someone is can be bad because it means you are boxing yourself you want to get to the other side but in order for you to get there you have to cross over I hope I was able to give you a clear scenario

In life not all is lost for as long as you have breath in your lungs, the is hope and a lot of opportunities it all starts with your mental health. Use prayer as your weapon and therapy as a strategy that is how you navigate through life that is what has carried me throughout my mental health challenges journey that I have travelled and continue to travel and learn as I go.

Tips on pacing yourself

  • Remember who you are not what people say you are.
  • Think of what you are going though.
  • Think of why you started.
  • Think of where you are going (end results)
  • Think of the feeling you will get when you get to your finish line.

I really hope that this piece helps someone I would like to hear from you.

Yours truly

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