We are not born with a bad self-image; it is outside influences that make our self-image determined.

So, everyone says someone with good self-esteem is not under pressure nor has others acceptance is not necessary.

I say: Your self-esteem is not constant — it changes as you grow as a human being…When you strive to be perfect, you are losing a fighting battle. You were not made to be perfect; you were made to be a child of God to be and to make the best of your life that He has given you.

I am a mother of a (20) year old daughter, 2 boys 19 and 11 years old. Married to my soul mate and my biggest supporter with everything I tackle.

I’m a Businesswoman, Owner, and Founder of DN Hope of Inspiration, Mrs. Cape Town 2014, Mrs. Mzantzi Africa 2017.

I regularly do motivational talks about women, their values ​​to be realized. Realize that women are God’s most precious creation. Achieving things is full of challenges. I had so much struggle and sad experiences in life, to be where I am today. Emotionally and physically I have had daily challenges, but I also had dreams. To follow your dreams and it to come true you must confront your fears and go fully for what you want. I did not allow anyone or circumstances to break my self-esteem due to contradiction. 

Do not let what others think of your identity affect you.

Examine your passion and share your blessings with others. 

One afternoon, having a woman-to-woman conversation, I concluded that there is more to me as a Title Holder having sponsors and supporters on board. My sister fell very ill with covid-19 last year and ended up in ICU on a ventilator for 3 weeks. It was a very difficult time for us as a family, realizing how quickly your life can change in a blink of an eye.

Then one morning I received a call and my story was published in the newspaper, telling readers about us like family, of what we had to go through. I firmly believe in miracles. People contacting us prayed for us and said that what an inspiration it is to know that we trusted and never gave up.

I then decided to start my own brand. I felt there are so many out there that is not as lucky and blessed as we were to have my sister back after 2 months of being at rehab for 2 weeks. 

So, I started my new venture called DN Hope of Inspiration. I have been blessed with so much support. From day one I was involved in charity and supporting those who need to feel special, or just to be there for support.

Badisa Trio was one of my first successful projects. NPO’s and Private companies started contacting me and ever since I was blessed repeatedly. 

DN Hope of Inspiration is not only an inspiration to others but to me, it means there is always hope. Once you trust your inner self and beliefs there is always hope.

But the most important is the Support and love the people who are important to you.

What motivates me every day is one choice I make…

“Believe that every day is a good day, but you MUST choose to see it” Trust your strength and you will be unstoppable.

By FYLTeam

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