Full name: Lizzette Phiri

Age: 23

Likes: Spending time with my family, being indoors, photography and editorial modelling

I am Lizzette Phiri, born in Orange Farm on the 24th of March 1998, I was raised by a single mother who was a God-fearing woman. She worked effortlessly to give me the life she didn’t not have, and I will forever be grateful for her efforts. I have a loving Partner and a very handsome son, I am an introvert, loving, caring, kind, and very ambitious.

Losing my mother in 2018 at Yusuf Dadoo Hospital, was something I didn’t expect, we celebrated her 40th birthday at the hospital not knowing in 3 weeks’ time she will not be with us anymore. I would visit her every single day hoping and believing that she will recover and be discharged. She would also tell me to not worry and in 6 months’ time we will be laughing about her having to have laid in a hospital bed. On Saturday I went to visit her and just 30 minutes after I left the Hospital my grandmother received a call from the nurses informing her that my mother has passed, I was SHATTERED, I didn’t want to hear anything else but to go back to the hospital. When I got into the hospital ward I left her in, she was covered with white sheet, as I opened it I saw her lifeless body lying there still beautiful as she has always been, I begged her to wake up. It took time for me to really accept that I will never see her beautiful face, hear her beautiful laughter and that her dear grandson will have vivid memory of his grandmother.

This experienced has made me stronger than before even though it left a hole in my heart  and I would not wish to see someone else go through the pain of losing the one person that would do anything to love and to protect them, that’s what my mother was, she was my Goddess.

This has made me to make sure despite the life’s challenges, I must love my Son unconditionally, and enjoy life with everyone that I care deeply about because we don’t know what tomorrow has in store.

Don’t give up, be strong, be courageous, trust in Gods plans and never forget the memories you made with your mother, cherish them always…

Women empowerment to me is how you show love to the women around you and always give support, encouragement and do not judge because a lot of women are going through a lot but are afraid to talk because our fellow sisters are the first to crucify.

I was present at almost every shoot my Life partner was doing and I fell in love with his work so at times I would volunteer to help out and in that process, I felt that I belonged. As shy as I am having to take beautiful photographs made me feel very happy and proud with myself,  I would effortless ignore that shyness shell I had and I would focus on what’s in front of me instead of worrying about people watching me. Since 2017 I have never regretted falling in love with photography and I aim to continue growing and exploring different types and techniques of photography.

Photography started as a hobby to me and now I can proudly that I can take professional photographs and professionally edit them.  I can make a normal raw photograph and turn into a high-end fashion or beauty magazine photo. So, in short I turn a hobby into a profession.  I have recently started an online Beauty store called Nipho Fashion and Beauty Store which is created to serve the public as well as make-up professionals with the best deals for fashion and beauty products.

This year I’m all about exploring and learning new things to see what else life has in store for me, and to sure do things which I believe will add more value in my Future.

I want to leave a legacy where young woman will be independent, not afraid of achieving what they want, voice out their opinions and speak against abuse. To allow myself to be an example that we are all capable and able irrespective of the ordeals, and obstacles life throws at us. To be a proof that you are able to still achieve your dreams and goals even when everyone else doubt you, to teach everyone who is orphaned that you can still make it in life and push yourself to reach your ultimate potential to honour the sacrifices and teachings our passed parents instilled in us, and to use their memories as a source of strength and encouragement to never give up no matter what.

Photographer: Obakeng “OT” Tsime, OT Photography

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