I have always bottled things inside, as a result I suffered from Anxiety

Name: Samkele Whitney Mntambo 


Likes: Modelling, hockey and working hard 

Dislikes: Disorder, Conflict 

It is not easy for me to open-up and talk about the things that hurt me, I have always bottled things inside, as a result I suffered from Anxiety. When I was between 11/12 old I went through a horrible ordeal and because I was never a person who shares her deepest pain and hurts. The pain changed me, I cried myself to bed, as a I ended up being obsessed with sleeping. Sleeping was my escape gate, because when I am sleeping, I can’t feel nor think of anything.  I started taking substances that will make me sleep. Al I ever wanted to do was sleep.  

This had a huge impact in my life as I started living double life’s, the person I was at home was totally different from who I was when I was not home. I developed a personality disorder, trying to figure out who I am

Had it not been for this experience, I would not have become the person that I am today. It was the foundation for me to become the lady that I am today. It made me very strong emotionally and gave me the courage to person.

If anyone would go through what I went through, I would advise them that they must try to let people know how they feel, to open-up more at least to one person they trust 

Women Empowerment mean means coming together as women, helping each other grow, motivating in each to succeed as women 

I was inspired by watching Miss South Africa every year, it taught me that it was not only about beauty, but it represented strong and powerful women. It gave a platform for women to have a voice. 

From my experience and the pain, I was able to start an organization called Perfect Imperfection, where we motive young girls to love themselves regardless of how they look, to be comfortable in their own skin.

Being honoured as mogale city Ambassador 2021 was one of my great moments, most important, I found myself.

The legacy I want to leave behind, is being known for helping people ,empowering them to be greater and leaving a mark 

Facebook:Whitney Samkele 

Insta:Whitney _Sammy12 

Business website:facebook page -Perfect imperfection and Samkele Whitney Mntambo 

Photographer:@Rapusha Production,OT photography ,Loyiso Ntseke

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