We cannot change the past, but we can do something today that will impact our life’s in a positive way. You only have one life, live it to the fullest, every moment could be your last. Forget the former things and focus on the future. Go back to the drawing board and dream again, give yourself a million chances until you get it right.

Things may not be how you wanted them to be, maybe you are also not were u wanted to be by now, however it does not mean that you can’t dream again.

Possibility exists in the mind, do not be trapped on what was. Most people are still trapped in their past relationship, that is the reason why your current relationship is not working. You have not healed from your previous relationship and as a result you have become a spectator in your current relationship, you are waiting for thigs to go wrong in your current relationship.

Another reason could be that you came in the relationship with expectations that your partner is not aware of, and that is the reason you find yourself frustrated in your relationship because your partner is not aware of them. We tend to pre-plan how we want our relationships to be without discussing this with our partners. Its important that when you go into a new relationship you go in with a sober mind, with no expectations. You will save yourself a lot of pain


Naomi Mosiane

By Naomi M

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