Often, we have parents that are physically present in our life’s, and yet absent. The pain caused by a present parent cuts deeper than an absent present, but what I more damaging is to have a parent and yet they are absent.

Living with your child is not about just providing for what they need, but about being involved in their lives, be interested in what they do. Children needs love and affection, they need to be listened to, and they need to be understood. You can buy them all the good things in life, take them to the most expensive trips, buy them the most expensive clothes. But it will cost you more if you will lose the emotionally, as they will try and fill that gap from the world. They will search for love and effecting in the wrong places.

Be emotionally involved, ask them questions, spent time with them. Teach your children the true value of self-love or they will seek validation from the world. Sometimes what you hope for your children is not what they want, do not force your hopes and dreams in them. Allow them to dream, be who they want and guid them.

Love them, Understand them

Love Naomi

By FYLTeam

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