Kgauhelo Kgothatso Tlhone 

18 years old 

Like: Entrepreneurship and Fashion

Dislikes: Dogs and Winter


Please tell us about yourself


My name is Kgauhelo Kgothatso Tlhone. I am born & bred is Kagiso (West Rand) in 2002 on the 1st of December at Leratong Hospital. Kgauhelo Tlhone is a high scholar who is a debate vice-captain & Representative Counsel Leader. Deputy Head 2021 within the school premises. Outside School Kgauhelo is a junior News Anchor where adapted his side name “Bailie” on Black Community Radio alongside his pageantry traits as Face of Black Community Radio 2nd Prince and Mr Public Choice also reigning Mr Teen Kagiso 2021 


Kgauhelo is also a miniature game changer in the making as he has established his two initiatives The Face of Azania Pageant and BELT UP MOVEMENT ZA; he is into youth empowerment and entrepreneurship


Please share with us an experience that almost destroyed you, an experience that almost cost you your life, however you decided to go out there and Fetch Your Life


At the age of 12, I succumbed to the event of rape and molestation which became a bruise to my soul, as much as I survived the situation without being badly harmed, I experienced quite several mental backslides. I failed a grade and later in my mid teen years I got diagnosed with Major Depression and Post Traumatic Stress disorder. nevertheless, during my rain I decided to shield myself and step out to face the world and work & collect each and everything the universe has shown me. I am deserving of and that’s where I saw the importance of fetching one’s life 


How has this experience impacted your life?


The experience broke me so much that a sense of doubt , unworthiness and fear hovered over my life from ages 12 to mid-17 and I’d say despite this lifelong feeling I managed to shift the sombre feeling around and made it a pushing factor 


Do you think that had it not been for this experience you would have become the person you are?



Well looking at it from a self-development point of view, I believe I wouldn’t have become the brand that I am now. Regardless of the bad side of it, it has taught me so much about being open minded also learning to trust myself within all I do, and I’d say I wouldn’t have been this open to communicating 


What advise do you have for someone that has been through the same experience?


Things I endorse with cases of rape and molestation and especially with boy children is REPORT, SEEK FOR HELP and DON’T BLAME YOURSELF. It sounds so easy; this will take a lot of strength from you especially having to accept the trauma that has happened. One thing I learned in my story and regret is, I only opened up about the situation when it has already poisoned me enough and to break me, so if any child out there is  facing any form of abuse just reach out to Officials or organizations that assist with such, there is pool of them and like I always say “it’s better to speak up then to be sobbed over”


What does Empowerment mean to you?


It means to Growing, Flourishing and Multiplying. To explain it, it’s all allowing growth to take place and evidently go witty the growth values and multiply unto those who look up to you


What are some of your achievements?


  • Being in Grade 12
  • Top 10 Lit British Parliamentary Speaker Gauteng
  • Being Mr Teen Kagiso 2021
  • Establishing Face of Azania Pageant
  • Being nominated under SA HEROES AWARDS 2021 for Community Work

Please tell us more about your upcoming projects


I’ll be hosting my last initiative as Mr Teen Kagiso being a winter career summit under Belt Up Movement called “P.A.M for life ahead” (PREPARE  A MAN for life ahead) where networking and career advice will be rendered by various game changers. 


What inspired you to join pageantry? 


Well, growing up being teased and bullied I saw pageantry as a haven to be unapologetically myself without judgment.


What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?


This would surely be a legacy where African Children will be taught Entrepreneurship and how to implement their ideas



  • Kgauhelo Bailie 
  • The Face of Azania Pageant 



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