Ndumiso Mfeka truly believes in working hard for everything which landed him a title in the modeling dimension of which he is the finalist of Face of devotion Mzanzi 2021. Ndumiso commenced his modeling career along with his studies at the University of Johannesburg in his first year, although the young man had grown with a passion for modeling. Ndumiso’s father passed away when he was as little as four years old and his mother had to raise him and his siblings as a single mother Which is also the reason this grounded young man has respect for women. The young man resided In KZN till grade 7 and later moved on to stay in Gauteng, in 2019 Mr. Mfeka entered for pageants in the Gateway student accommodation which earned him the title of Mr. Gateway 2019.  Ndumiso experienced bullying after he changed his environment from rural to urban areas and this was that one experience that nearly destroyed his life.

I didn’t know how to speak English so children at school used to bully a lot, laugh at me all the time

His experience with bullying made him lose his confidence and self-esteem to the point where at other times he felt like not going to school to avoid the bullying. The Bullying Ndumiso incurred made him live under harsh conditions at school which eventually led to him repeating his Grades.

“I was called Mageza so I was made to believe that maybe that was what I would end as, I did not even see the purpose of living anymore but the only thing that kept me going to school was to play rugby as it was the only thing, I knew I could do”

In the year 2016, Ndumiso changed schools and that was when things started brightening up for him at his new school where the students of ‘Izenzo Kungemazwi community college’ were very welcoming. Ndumiso’s confidence to communicate with people arose from participating in activities at the community college such as Rugby which built him up as a person. Ndumiso believes that his life would not have changed if it wasn’t for the experience he incurred in his life.

“I wouldn’t have changed schools; I wouldn’t have met all those wonderful people”

Ndumiso advises someone out there who might have undergone the same experience as him or currently going through it to speak up and share what they are going through with someone who can give them emotional aid, need it to be a friend, or parent.  He further advises the victims to find something that they can do to get their minds off things.

“You may discover that there is a lot you can do but you just need to try it out. do not mind the bullies they can’t determine your future, never let anyone make you feel small as you have the power to do anything long as you invest your heart towards that thing”

Ndumiso was inspired to join pageantry by a lady whom her words the young man still reminisces, “you have nothing to lose” as he has never envisioned himself as a model of any kind, and the feedback from people who saw him, model, on a first account basis was what made him continue his modeling career. He discovered the love to work with people doing charity work and since then he strongly believed in giving back to the community.

When asked about what Empowerment means to him, Ndumiso cited empowerment as means to encourage young people to do what they want to do because he believes that everyone should have control over their life, and you can empower them by giving them the support they need.

“When I changed courses, my parents were against the whole idea, I had to go against their wishes because being a chef is what I want and me changing the course I was taking control of my life”

The finalist of the face of devotion wants to start training people who want to be models and help them start where he started as he has learned that it is possible to start your pageant. He Believes that If he can succeed in getting students to join the gateway pageant then there is nothing standing in his way of starting his agency and his pageant as he solely believes in empowering and uplifting the youth.

Facebook: ndumiso mfeka

Instagram: @ndumiso_mfeka and @ndumisodevotiongautengfinalist The vote promotion picture and poster is taken and done by TDC_CREATIVE_GRAPHICS

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