Full name: Charmaine Dore

Age   :21

Likes: Baking, reading magazines and fishing.

Dislikes: Violence, pride, and selfishness.

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Charmaine Dore born in 1999.l have been living in the heart of Harare for years now am a fashion, pageantry and fitness model based in Harare. I’m a young lady who totally hate selfishness, violence, and pride. On my spare time I like to bake though sometimes it does not always come out the way I like. l also like to go for fishing not as a dish but as a pet.

Please share with us an experience that almost destroyed you, an experience that almost cost you your life, however you decided to go out there and fetch your life

The experience that almost destroyed me was the fact of body shaming which is very common in Zimbabwe. This issue affected emotionally.   As people think they are better than others think one must always remain humble we are all human and yes, the colour of our blood is the same. I wish for people to be more down to earth to let the light shine on others as well no matter their type of body. Rather than calling other people with offensive names or asking offensive questions. Remember bad things you say to someone it can steal their confidence or self-esteem. People must stop body shaming others because God created us in different forms and shapes. Body shaming was the experience that almost cost myself a life, however l decided to go out there and fetch my life and became a model.

How has this experience impacted your life?

This experience impacted my life to a greater extend because it marked the beginning of underestimating my inner power, fear and lack of confidence was built inside myself was no longer being able to share my own opinion with others as l was afraid that they might not give myself an ear. Engaging into activities that I was more passionate about became a dream that was not going to change from dreaming to reality.    Happiness became a folktale story to me every time. I heard people talking about it because with the experience of body shaming my happiness was no longer existing.


Do you think that had it not been for this experience you would have become the person you are?

I think if it had not been for this experience l would have not become the person I am today because I believe criticism is the mercury to destine and for the sake of success    it is vital. Every obstacle has been a building brick for my journey.

What advise do you have for someone that has been through the same experience?

My advice for those who have been through the same experience is they should dust themselves off, hold their head erect and they should believe in themselves because all they need is inside of themselves. They should never settle and know their worth. Remember most people limits themselves from doing things they are passionate about by listening or paying attention to things that people say which don’t contribute to their growth, success, and prosperity.

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women empowerment it is about creating and providing ways which will help to support someone to take control on responsibility or their own lives.

What are some of your achievements?


l am the former Miss Legacy Universe Zimbabwe (2019-2020)

ln 2019 l represented the mass of all beauty Zimbabwe in Accra Ghana for the title Miss Legacy Universe.

l contested in quite number of beauty pageants in Zimbabwe which includes

Miss teen Zimbabwe 2019

Miss Mines Zimbabwe 2019 were l made it as a top 7 finalist.

l made it to get featured in PPMC a South African magazine (issue 29) and in the PPMC portrait book Christmas (issue 25 and 37)

Tell us more about your upcoming projects?

l would like to star an agricultural project to help young women who continue to lag. My big aim to start this project in my community is to support and empower early mothers to be self-sufficient as they are struggling a lot to support and raise their children after being impregnated and left behinds would like to do this project for early mothers because some of them there are practicing drug abuse and abortion to mention a few. It is because of rejection challenge that they are facing in the community. Which is very painful to see them indulging in activities that they know are deviant to the community and some cases behavior which puts their lives at risk. I believe by doing so it will help to create employment for the young women.

Rather than giving them a small and steady stream of cash as a way to help them with no strings attached may be the smartest way to address poverty and encouraging these early mothers to remain poor. I think agricultural project it could be a great wealth generator for young women after growing and selling their crops.

My theme for the upcoming project: “IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO RAISE A CHILD”

What inspired you to join pageantry?

Ashley morgans inspired me to join pageantry after she participate for the title Miss Zimbabwe and she managed to be crowned Miss Zimbabwe.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

The legacy l wants to leave behind is to give continuous support of empowering early mothers through my upcoming agricultural project as l believe that someone should be a blessing to someone’s live and if we are not living our life to make someone else’s life better than we are not really living at all. I will also want to leave my gratitude as am always teaching kids to live a life of values to become good human being and have love in their lives.

Facebook: Charmaine Dore

Instagram: Dore.Charmaine

Name of photographer: Massive make photography

Makeup artist: @zvaitwanashethe makeup artist.

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